The Water, Energy, and Food Observatory (WEF – CAP observatory) is part of the WEF – CAP project, an EU-funded project under ENI CBC MED Program. 

The European Union continues to be a global leader in terms of scientific outputs, but still lags in translating this advantage
into products, services, processes and solutions that meet the demand. Failure to commercialize and deploy innovations in Water, Energy and Food (WEF-NEXUS) means missing opportunities to improve resilience and efficiency in the use of these critical resources.

WEF – CAP seeks to capture and rectify a microcosm of this reality: bring out effective economic activity from under-capitalized WEF innovations. Considering joint challenges at regional and cross-border level and the fragmented business ecosystem lacking of a cross-Mediterranean coherent framework, WEF-CAP will combine the capitalization and expansion of tools and methodologies used for innovation commercialization with the capitalization of WEF innovations in efficient practices for replication across the Mediterranean area. This will be done through the support of sustainable and resilient agri-food sector production, thus improving the energy and water efficiency: renewables, wastewater treatment, water harvesting and reuse, etc.

WEF – CAP will apply past and ongoing WEF efficient practices and policies for replication under the framework of a meta cluster, reinforcing networks while mainstreaming gathered territorial evidences for effective capitalization. A successful implementation will enhance the regional SMEs competitiveness and the job creation, generating spillover effects in knowledge, resource efficiency, and the quality of life.