The WEF-CAP Observatory

The Water, Energy, and Food Observatory (WEF-CAP observatory) is a common digital repository and network of stakeholders responsible for promoting the use of existing data, case studies and good practices, in addition, to supporting the generating, analyzing, and promoting data on a meaningful set of indicators that reflect the most pressing water-energy-food issues in a certain region or country.

The promoted data and information resources, from one side, help relevant actors and networks to support decision-making and the formulation of evidence-informed policies and from the other side stimulate the exchange of knowledge, identify knowledge gaps and support having more informed research plans to be executed by relevant research groups and stakeholders.

WEF-CAP observatory is therefore a focal point for WEF monitoring and showcasing at the regional level, provides a platform to facilitate data collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting on performance against different indicators, and supports effective knowledge exchange and evidence-based governance. Specifically, the WEF-CAP observatory aims at achieving the following:

  • Enhancing the use of knowledge and indicators for policy formulation, planning and WEF management through the participatory process; 
  • Facilitating collection and dissemination of results of national and regional level monitoring activities, as well as disseminating good practices;
  • Providing assistance to stakeholders to reinforce their ability to collect, manage and maintain and use the information on WEF initiatives;
  • Promote a culture of monitoring and assessment in cooperation with relevant stakeholders